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 My Life is 


Finally, it all makes sense. Music is my life. Whether I'm listening to music in my car, consuming it at a live concert or music festival, performing live in a cool city, making magic in the studio, or writing songs on the floor of my apartment in my underwear, everything in my life is about music. Music is the answer. Music is love. Music is me. Thank you for your interest in JENNY VOSS Music. 

With my vision set on rising in the house music scene, I've released over 26 tracks working with various house and tech-house producers throughout the years. In 2020, I dropped my first full-length 17-track album, THE SUNRISE, where I learned how to produce, became a better singer and songwriter, found love in house, dance, disco, soul and R&B music. After multiple international releases on house record labels I'm more ready than ever for what 2021 has to bring. BIG THINGS COMING BABY! New music is always on the way. 

Keep it groovy,



xx, JVOSS