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Finally, it all makes sense. Music is my life. Whether I'm listening to music in my car, consuming it at a live concert or music festival, performing live around world, making magic in the studio, or writing songs on the floor of my apartment in my underwear, everything in my life is about music. Music is the answer. Music is everything. Music is me. Thank you for your interest in JENNY VOSS Music. 

For the last five years I have been gigging around town in San Diego acoustically. I've taken the time to fine-tune my voice, recognize the messages I want to say in my music and truly feel comfortable and confident on stage. I now welcome to the stage JENNY VOSS. Soultronic artist who wants to bring to life the genre of R&B mixed with house and dance music. I released my first SOUL/R&B focused album "Free" on 11/11 2019 with SOULRICH Productions --MAKE A WISH--. 2020 brings a new wave of house and techno music featuring JENNY VOSS soul vocals and a funky beat to keep you dancin' and groovin'. I am not one to stay within a box and am loving exploring different avenues of music that my voice can travel. With more collaborations coming soon and a true desire to bring this passion of mine to life, JENNY VOSS is all in. What an amazing ride it has been! Thank you for loving JENNY VOSS Music. 


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