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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

DBT meets in Ibiza for 5 days with 20 amazingly fun, positive, WILD, and loud people. Follow our journey from the airport to Hard Rock Hotel's Beach Club, Privilege, Resistance, Cafe Mambo, Vacay Villas Ibiza, DC10, sunrises and sunsets, private boats to Formentera Island, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Cuckoo Land, Defected, Eden, Kasbah, and Ammnesia for Elrow all while celebrating birthdays and love and connections and joy and LIFE.

Song credits: Party Never Ends - Alok, Quintino

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DBT Travel Tips:

DO convince 20 of your friends to travel the world with you.

DO make spreadsheets months in advance.

DON'T study your friends travel plans. It's a cute surprise to end up on the same flight with a buddy.

DON'T take an edible before getting on your flight JUST IN CASE you get heavily interrogated before and have to answer 100 personally invasive questions on the spot.

However, DO take an edible once you are seated so a 12 hour flight goes by in minutes.

DO get cash converted before you go to the airport, the exchange rates are heavily inflated there.

DON'T forget this is real money and not monopoly money.

DO use Splitwise App if you are traveling with two or twenty. #SPLITWISEIT

DO use #AirBnB when traveling with a big group.

DO abide by their rules to dodge a $12,000 ticket.

DO shush each other sweetly and respectfully if noise complaints are an issue.

DO leave room in your luggage for souvenirs and shopping when you travel. 50 pounds ain't that cute anyway.

DON'T pack jeans or boots when there is a #heatwave in the Summer.

DO find a cute #fannypack that goes with everything. This will be your buddy.

DO have your personal belongings on your body and mind at all times. There ARE #pickpocketers disguised as nice, good looking, cheek kissing men.

DO go off the beaten path after seeing the Main Streets.

DO meet a local so you can see how they live vs. how we visit.

DO take your bikini top off at the beaches in Europe. Its beautifully freeing, gives you a chance to work on those tan lines, and heavily excites the men around you. #freethenip

DO book a flight in the early morning so you can experience what it is like to go straight from the nightclub to the airport. It's a unconventional RUSH of excitement.

However, DO try to sink up your flights with check in times, bringing your luggage to the beach sucks.

DON'T feel the need to go out every single night.

DO listen to your body and mind and give it breaks when you need it and want it.

DO take photos of everything (for later viewage) while staying PRESENT.

Videos are a big DO DO too. You’ll want to look back on all of this and feel it.

DO fall in love with everything and everyone you meet.

DO ask the hostess if they have a table for 16 even if it's insanely busy and you think it is not possible whatsoever.

DO forgo sleep if you feel the need to stay up and connect.

DO whatever you want.

DO rent boats in Ibiza and visit Formentera Island.

DO bring a DJ with you so he can perfectly narrate the entire trip via sound.

DON'T underestimate the power of a nice water spit to the face.

DO kiss your friends, regardless of their gender.

DO catch at least one sunrise.

DO celebrate the people around you whether its birthdays, anniversaries, successes, or for just simply living and being.

DON'T go out without cash and your phone. That's just stupid.

DO bring hats while traveling. I know they are hard to transport but they are needed and really enhance outfits exponentially. #WORKITASH

DO go to a day pool party, wherever you go. I INSIST!

DO Conga Line out of small spaces if you have a big group.

DO catch every sunset.

DO anything for the people that you are with.

DO become the weirdest people at every club and dance in circles around a red bull can.

DON'T forget deodorant.

DO bring weird things with lights on them everywhere you go so you can find each other easily.

DON'T hand these to strangers.

DO know your love languages and try to learn the love languages of the loved ones around you.

DO make speeches at dinners showing gratitude for everyone that's joining you on your journey. These moments of appreciation make it all worth it.

DO try to meet every DJ's managers.

DON'T rush to the hospital if it's your last night in Ibiza and you bust ya knee on the dance floor. You can get your 12 stitches when we get back to the states with your own insurance anyway.

DO give yourself a full 24 HOURS after you return before you have to go back to work.

DO write down your memories as soon as possible, if not during/nightly.

DON'T FORGET: That you are exactly where you need to be!





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