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SOOo many of you responded to the shirt I got Chris for Christmas with my face all over it, and I LISTENED LOUD & CLEAR!!!!  My people want MERCH!!! 


I’ve been working with the company that created the design, enhanced it a bit, and WE ARE DOIN’ IT PEOPLE!!!! 👚


NEW MERCH OUT TODAY!!! Limited Edition design, must order this week!!



Venmo @JENNYVOSS $45 and comment your SIZE😍🤍 

DM me your shipping address

THANK YOU!!! I will be placing an order and shipping within the next week!


I can’t think you all enough for supporting me the way you do! Every show, every tag, every listen, every mention of me to a friend, it all gets me HERE 🖤👽 SELLING FREAKING SHIRTS WITH MY FACE ALL OVER THEM!!! Thank you for help me make my dreams come true on the daily!!! LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!!!! MERCH BABY MERCH!!! 

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